About Fiber Embellishments

aboutUsAfter sewing for longer than she cares to admit, Jessica Hinterman began creating table linens and scarves for herself and her family from unusual fabrics she found in her travels. Frustrated by the lack of Hanukkah linens on the market, she created a small collection from a favorite print and began selling them to other members of her local Jewish community. Her designs caught on quickly, and in 2004 Fiber Embellishments was born.

Jessica’s daughter, Ann, joined the business when she graduated from college in 2005. Together she and Jessica select fabrics, develop product ideas, and create hand-stamped Fiber Embellishments table linens.

Fiber Embellishments brings you limited-edition home and fashion accessories hand-crafted of fabrics chosen for their unique and appealing prints, lovely feel, and durability. Made in small quantities and with close attention to detail, every item is designed to bring pleasure for years to come.

Ann and Jessica particularly encourage the use of cloth napkins as a simple way to bring environmentally-conscious design into your household’s routine.

Their carefully-edited collections offer options for everyday use, holiday entertaining, and thoughtful gifts.

And, true to its roots, Fiber Embellishments remains your best source for Judaic table linens!